Our containers are £3.14 Pence per day. We are flexible, you can cancel at any time. We do not require you to sign a contract and there are no fixed term dates. We supply a brand new single size container; which is 20 ft long x 8 ft wide. We ask 30 days notice when giving up container..

We ask for 30 days notice to give your container up. This gives us flexibility to check containers for damage ect.

If stored over 12 months we say to check on goods and in winter months for added protection , to put a absorber!

We advise all expensive clothing , paperwork, and off great value to put into proper plastic boxes for storage over 12 months!

1/ Electric gate operated at front gate only customers.. 2/ All gates secured padlock combinations. 3/ 24/7 security monitored cctv system in operation. 4/ High steel fence round whole site 10feet high.. The reason to store with Cable road storage.

We will provide moisture trap (dehumidifier) for container when you take it out. Charge £10 each gives you 3 months with Aero tablet supplied. Please refill with new tablet if needed..

Crc provide high security padlocks! Free of charge..

Again only if agreed with owner to store such goods, and their goods are own liability if not properly covered or packed away properly..

We say to only Access Container in dry conditions, as water is forbidden into container!

Crc containers have plenty room on site to drive up to your container and load. Also no restrictions at all lorries and luton vans welcome!

All our units are on hard standing and all benefit from being on ground level. 95% of the units can have a car/van backed straight up to it with the small 5% within a few meters.

As any other company we have our insurance for business. We have risk assessment policy to sign when take out rental..

We check for misuse or soiling containers and costs passed to them if any damage..

We have 10 feet containers being delivered december month 2019.

Also under security floodlight site operating Cctv 24 hours a day.

This what makes Crc best choice storage company as we are unique in our area with all 90 containers being low level hard standing drive up to load.

Simply phone up booked appointment with Craig / Gill and takes ten mins. Or pay deposit over phone get forms emailed and signed off send back

coast to coast removals.. kevin egan 07875298545

we have own removal guy who's very well established in the industry.

Just call these numbers below and get sorted asap CALL- 01592-747211. Landline MOBILE- 07584661265. cable road