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Onsite Storage Containers

Storage containers can be used for domestic or business storage purposes. Our team will deliver your storage container straight to your home or business. The containers are ideal if you are moving to a new house and need extra space, business relocation, downsizing your business or expanding. Containers are ideal to hold storage items for a temporary period.

Our team will deliver your containers to you at affordable rates, short term and long term deals available. Container storage can be used for so many different items including office equipment, commercial, office furniture, IT equipment and any business storage.

All containers are watertight so there is no condensation. Dehumidifiers can be added to the container to decrease any chance of condensation. See our hints and tips below. All containers have marine plywood floors and air vents this increases the containers air flow to be condensation proof.

Containers delivered on site reliable service 7 days a week.

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£140 – delivered on site within a 100-mile radius, £140 on collection.


1 months - £140
2 months – £120
3 months – £100

Long term agreements available contact us for more information.

self storage fife

Hints and Tips for Onsite Storage Containers

  • Expensive contents should be covered and put in plastic boxes (not cardboard) over the colder months. We would also recommend they are covered in blankets
  • Absorb poles can be added at an additional cost, we can supply these poles
  • Packing, do not over pack, the containers can sweat in the colder months so leave room for air to circulate
  • Contents in the container should be checked every 3 months
  • Do not access containers during adverse weather conditions. Water can get in if the container is left open. If the floor is wet, you need to dry the doors after
  • We would suggest that you do not use wooden pallets to lay your boxes on top, pallets contain moisture
  • All containers have marine plywood floor and air vents which is condensation proof
  • Padlocks and keys are supplied these cannot be tampered with or sawed
  • Make sure you calculate your cubic feet to work out how many containers you require

Containers Space 20 Feet Dimensions

20 feet wide / 6.06 metres length x 8feet / 2.44 metres wide
Floor area - 150 square feet / 13.93 metres
Cubic capacity - 1160 cu ft /32 .85 m3

Containers Space 10 Feet Dimensions

9-2 feet length / 2.8 meters length
7ft 8 feet x 2.33 metres width
Floor space - 72 square feet / 6.69 metres
Cubic Capacity - 560 cu ft / 15.89 m3